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22 Feb

Later it felt like a treat to have alone time at home to multi-task.

Our daughter was away attending class at ASU and Hubby was at work, so I was a total spaz doing housework/checking Facebook/googling summer travel plans/finishing the novel /petting cats on the couch.

The newlyweds enjoyed three days honeymooning at Disneyland in LA (the bride is a huge Disney fan), and they will soon be getting down to the arduous task of writing 200 thank you notes!

I was amazed at the lovely, generous gifts they received. Nobody wet their pants, only two of our three-year-olds would not nap, and only twice did a child lay prostrate on the ground, kicking and screaming.

On Saturday the Cardinal Newman community met for a "we're back" celebration dinner in Healdsburg. (2-10-18)Research out of the United Kingdom has found a possible link between an amino acid called aparagine and cancer in mice.

That report was greeted with a heaping helping of skepticism by the executive director of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau.

Four types of spinous process deviations were observed: (a) lateral leaning from the base but not otherwise deviated; (b) lateral curving at some point above the base; (c) bowing because of multiple curves; and (d) torsion along the vertical axis.

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We ate our yummy sandwiches, then walked the grounds, exploring their vegetable gardens, the chicken coops and the cute gift shop, all the while catching up on our lives.

(2-10-18)A company called Strivr based in Menlo Park is helping the U. ski team train before they actually hit the slopes.

This is the first Olympics where this type of technology is being put to the test. (2-10-18)It's been four months since a devastating firestorm tore through the North Bay and many residents are still not able to go home.

Paleopathological study of domestic animal remains can elucidate human-domesticate relationships, when all reasonable differential diagnoses are considered.

Deviated spinous processes found on ancient domesticated dog vertebrae have been assumed to result from pack burdens, although consideration of diagnostic alternatives has been unclear.