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09 Aug

Speaking of, some additional Mega Man cosplay, featuring Tron Bonne from before yet again? Believe it or not, the one costume that elicited the strongest reaction had to be the aliens from Sesame Street!

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I had heard about it, but was unsure what the hell it was about, and after getting the details at long last, I simply knew it would be the story of year over at Guysim! But I assure you, it’s on its way, especially since? I’ll be sure to pass along the link once it’s live. Either my final round of press appointments and one last check of stuff that I had missed. Anyhow, that’s where most of the autograph sessions were going down, including Colleen and Stephanie, for their latest Guinea Pig book? A little bit further was some real life Quidditch taking place.

She had a party to go to, and no doubt, she had enough of the Jacob Javits, packed to the gill with sweaty dorks (it was getting that point in the day in which the funk was becoming unavoidable) for one year. Thankfully, on her way out, we ran into our pal Michelle, as Rei Ayanami as a bunny! Alright, time for some additional pics, courtesy of my noticeably crappy camera!

These were most of these were taken after Emi had left, though a few are from when I was waiting for her.

There are also people with indeterminate genders, such as micro-penises, macro-clitorises, no vagina and no penis and other not-frequently-occurring but still natural combinations.

Likewise if you substitute “ovaries” or “uterus” for “vagina” in the definition.