Books single parenting and dating

18 Jul

At this time, the child needs to be assured that the love of a parent for a child, unlike the love of a man for a woman, never dies and that, even though a parent may leave a child to go to a job or on a date, that parent will return.

Indeed, seeing a parent going off on a date can be a useful lesson for a child, whatever his reaction.

Perhaps the most common question heard nowadays at single parent workshops is: ''How do I conduct my own love life, freely and comfortably, without psychologically harming my child?

What I learned yesterday, at some point during our 45 minute conversation, is I am confident and comfortable with who and where I am. As long as I am not wasting this time, I am building a better me. When I think about myself at this moment I would say, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.He is actively rebuilding, strategizing, readying his plans. In our case, we are in a down time, but rather than be lazy or discouraged, we must take advantage of this time and explore, learn, study, plan, everything we can think of, so that when the waiting is over we are well-prepared for the journey ahead. In the teen-ager, a strong negative reaction may be traced to his characteristic self-absorption and his own emerging sexuality. Mavis Hetherington, an authority on the effects of divorce on children, notes: ''Adolescents don't like to be reminded that their parents are sexual beings with lives of their own.'' In any case, the experts stress, children should not be expected to respect their parents' desire to date unless the situation is explained to them openly and honestly.Even the nursery school set can be made to understand.