Earliest papyri nt dating

24 Aug

Despite the fact that Shem Tobs Hebrew Matthew exists around 1385 CE. Initial Reaction To The Points Raised In The Lecture Personally I am not surprised that Gordon found the Hebrew Matthew more palatable than the Greek New Testament, this is because he is a follower of Karaite Judaism.

Karaite Judaism do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, nor does it regard the Gospel as part of the Inspired scriptures of God.

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Most people felt Ibn Shaprut translated Matthew from Greek d.Greek version (Matt 5, James are against it) (Greek Matt 23 supports it) b.The Greek NT Deliberately omit the fact that Jesus spoke Hebrew 3. Many expressions used in the Greek language are not typically used by Greek b.Textual analysis show Hebrew and Word puns can be found in Greek Text i. Matt , 35 (To Pay (Shalem), from his heart (Shalem)) iii. These words pun cant be seen in the Greek Matthew d.But they can be found in Shem Tob’s Hebrew Matthew e.