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01 May

They could treat me like gold and tell me they loved me, but I didn’t believe it. I’ve only gained that trust lately; that I need to blindly trust and not associate the current with the past.In the book, you say you had trouble trusting Sandra Bullock. I didn’t see her as “Sandra Bullock,” she was just Sandy.I knew that was a huge part of her life, but that’s not why I wanted to be with her.I’m sure subconsciously some part of my ego thought that would be cool, but when I thought about her, I thought about the desire to be normal.What happens to your kids definitely affects them down the road. ” But not without that bike in front of me with a big jukebox to distract me from being a beat-up little kid.I think rehab made me have an elevated sense of honesty with myself, cause the only person you’re bullshitting there is yourself. There’s a metaphor here: you had broken relationships at home, and you became a welder. For me, welding is the most soulful thing that I do.James retreated to a rehab facility in Arizona for a month, before moving from his home turf of California to Austin, Texas—a short drive from Bullock’s home there—in an effort to win her back.

Calm, stable, level-headed, good conversation, has her own job. I build the best motorcycles in the world, but I’m an asshole.I think I’ve always longed for a family and the normalcy that I’ve never experienced.But it struck me as odd that you had trust issues with Bullock even after she stood by you during your child custody dispute with your ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder.[Sandra] was there and gave me moral support, but as far as sitting in court twice a month for four years, that was all me.There’s a big hole there in Sunny’s life without Sandy there. They would get frustrated with the paparazzi and be like, “Why don’t you ram them!How have your kids taken the divorce and subsequent media shitstorm? ” We tried to make the best out of every situation and laugh at the way they looked or something.