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19 Sep

Consequently, researchers posit acute infections as the probable cause of death in these instances, since infections either result in death or are cured within short time periods and, as a result; they do not leave any marks on bones.In ancient times, infections were the most common cause of death and, overall, they are currently still the most common cause of death across the globe, despite the vast range of treatment options that have been made available in modern times. "CT scans of Egyptian mummies reveal oldest known cases of breast cancer and multiple myeloma." Science Daily. Egyptologists have discovered rock art from the 4th millennium BC during an excavation at a necropolis near Aswan in Egypt.After 6 patients have been enrolled in the first level (3 in each arm), the next group will be treated at a new dose level. You will always receive the same dose during your treatment, which will continue for at least 12 weeks unless there is evidence that the disease has gotten worse or intolerable side effects occur. An international team has discovered the world's oldest known cases of breast cancer and multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer).The discoveries were made by conducting CT scans of two mummies found in the pharaonic necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan, Egypt.Following their thorough analysis of the mummies, the international research team has established that the woman with breast cancer died around 2000 B.

The same CT scanning technique was also applied to two fully intact mummies from the Late Period of ancient Egypt -- the dressings on which were also still intact. Botella López explains: "Both mummies were still wrapped in spectacular shrouds of multi-coloured faience beads, which in turn resemble a mask.

An international team, including researchers from the UGR's anthropology group led by Prof.

Miguel Cecilio Botella López of the Department of Legal Medicine, Toxicology and Physical Anthropology, has discovered the world's oldest known cases of breast cancer and multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer).

With advances in research leading to highly effective treatment options and improved survival, multiple myeloma is increasingly being viewed as a chronic disease.

This shift in perspective is particularly relevant to nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) as it becomes more important to minimize long-term side effects of therapy, manage comorbidities, implement disease screening, and improve quality of life.e Newsletter with interactive benchmarking Continuing Nursing Education Provider Unit, Boston University School of Medicine is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.