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25 May

The best way to protect your cards is to keep them in acid free plastic sleeves to prevent scratching or wear.

Keep all cabinet cards out of direct sunlight to prevent fading of the image.

I don't know the significance of the date, I couldn't see a year.I ask that you be patient with me as John refused to teach me to run the business and this will be trial and error for me.THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT WAS ONLY TRUE WHEN JOHN CRAIG WAS ALIVE: "I buy hundreds of instruction books every month; you can pretty much safely assume I have all these in stock.[THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE AS OF THE DATE OF JOHN'S DEATH 2/22/2011] "Reprint" is a high-quality photocopy; most are cut and bound to original size.Ribbon mentions 14th Corps (1st Brigade, 2nd Division. - Post War badge made from stamped German silver for the Veterans. The Ninth Army Corps was everywhere, the Army of the Potomac, Department of Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee. It took part in many of the major battles in the Eastern Theater - 2nd Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, as well as Vicksburg, Knoxville and many more. The extra strap was meant to distribute the weight of the box more evenly. Scratched into the side, barely visible unless you're looking for it and with all the patina in the scratches, it reads: "Capt Jno P Allen 55th Geo Regt Randolph County Geo May 16".As with M-187, this - by Anthony Benezet and John Wesley 1858 Philadelphia - 138 pgs. There were some that cut the strap off also as was done with this box. - Genuine Confederate Tin Drum Canteen belonging to Capt. Once I found this and figured what it read I went to the rosters of the 55th to confirm and there he was, just as listed.