A validation error occurred when validating the instance document

25 Feb

Top of Page To restart a workflow after troubleshooting, the recommended approach is to set the workflow to start manually, and then start the workflow manually in the browser.

If your objective is to solely test a workflow, this way you don't have to create a lot of extra list items just to trigger a workflow that is configured to start when an item is created.

If the previous instance of a workflow resulted in an error, you must cancel the workflow before you attempt to start it again.

For more information on how to cancel a workflow, see the article Cancel a workflow in progress.

(0, 0) Activity 'ID3' validation failed: Property "Condition" has invalid value. Clear the Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created checkbox to fix this problem.

In a step with conditional branches, every branch except the last one must have a condition.

When the last branch does not have a condition, it acts as the "else" part of an if/else statement: The workflow will run any of the other branches if those conditions are satisfied; else, it will run the action in the last branch, which has no condition.

As powerful as they are, workflows are also sensitive to any problem in the user environment, particularly the state of list items that a workflow operates upon and the server settings that govern workflows.

Needless to add, when a problem is detected, workflows fail.