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27 Feb

We find that room-temperature optical amplification can be obtained in the entire visible spectral range (440–700 nm) with low pump thresholds down to 5±1 μJ cm Recent years have seen multiple reports demonstrating outstanding optoelectronic characteristics of metal halide semiconductors with perovskite crystal structures, in the form of thin films, microcrystals and bulk single crystals (where MA=methyl ammonium and X=Cl, Br or I, or mixed Cl/Br and Br/I systems) have shown great potential as both light-absorbing and light-emitting direct-bandgap solution-deposited semiconductors.

As absorber layers, MAPb X NCs exhibit bright emission with PL quantum yields (QYs) reaching 90% and narrow emission linewidths of 70–100 me V (12–40 nm, for PL peaks from 410 to 700 nm, correspondingly).

Yakunin, who headed the Russian Railways state monopoly for more than 10 years, resigned in August last year.

Navalny's foundation has repeatedly accused Yakunin of corruption.

Law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into the activities of former Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, opposition leader Alexei Navalny wrote on his blog Friday.

The investigation was initiated at the request of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Andrey Yakunin is the son of Vladimir Yakunin, the former head of Russian Railways and an old friend of Vladimir Putin.

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Such pulses can be provided by conventional, inexpensive nanosecond lasers.In this case, with a 300-ps ASE lifetime at 5–10 μJ cm(a) Evolution of the emission spectra with the increase of pumping fluence and (b) corresponding dependence of the emission at 535 nm on pump fluence.Spectra were excited at λ=355 nm with 10 ns laser pulses.According to the opposition leader, a total of 80 complaints against him have been sent to law enforcement agencies, State Duma deputies and Russian Railways' board of directors.The press service of the Internal Ministry told The Moscow Times on Friday that they had no information on that issue and said they will provide a statement at a later date.