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12 Aug

Locks in a “raised” storage position without extra attachments Protected grease fittings Heavy-duty steel construction Powder-coated finish Quick release pins Easily attaches in minutes to most mid-sized commercial mowers.Features: Patented vertical pivot support with steel roller bearings Bolts directly to most commercial mowers Durable powdered coated finish Pneumatic tires Extra wide foot platform Two year limited warranty Fits Exmark, Lesco, John Deere, Scag, Toro and most other commercial walk-behind mowers. Click HERE to visit our online store to purchase NOW. I think it was a good activity because in addition I indicated on the board the four cardinal points and this was an added dimension which the textbook didn't include. Some kids live at a distance so the board was full by the end of the activity. Someone in the team stands on a chair and guides the "pion" (the player in the maze) around from room to room.

They seem to like the assignment, and I find it fun too. Then you could get your kids to practice directions by giving them oral or written directions that they have to follow. Give them a time limit - 5 min to write the directions and 3 minutes to get the items. Another idea to practice directions is to have the kids write directions to some place or item in the school ( ie. They are to write the directions without the final destination clarified (you check them) and then they switch directions with someone else and see if they can find the place. After doing one or two on transparencies they are eager to do theirs as paired practice. So they had to say, *Go north on Malvern, turn east on Broad Street, etc.* Helen ====================== 96/12 From- [email protected]: Re: places and giving directions and houses An activity I have used successfully to teach directions is to have the students guide one another through mazes. As they told me each step, I drew on the board the streets they named, indicating turns, crossing the bridge, turning at landmarks in the city, etc. Deby Doloff ====================== 96/12 From- Subject: Re: places and giving directions and houses I just did this activity with my students: I asked for volunteers to tell me how to get from the school to their houses.