Trouble updating wii u

14 Aug

Unless, of course, you want to put a game in the console or activate your Netflix account.

Trying either of these will prompt required separate software updates.

Looking on the bright side, once you have gotten past this initial headache the Wii U is going to offer a great gaming experience to users who have been looking for Nintendo to approach an older audience without compromising on being a family focused console.

Stay tuned for’s full review of the Wii U.

After you’ve connected all the hardware and charged the Game Pad, you’ll be asked to pair the controller to the Wii U.

Tap the red buttons on both the console and the controller, type the sync code presented on the TV into the controller, and you’re done.

Even on a fast connection, this update took nearly 45 minutes to download and install.

It’s possible that Nintendo was simply overwhelmed by the volume of users simultaneously requesting this update.

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The beginning of the setup process for the Wii U is all really standard stuff, especially if you were a Wii user.Even before the Switch launched, the Wii U scene was growing steadily quiet and then Nintendo completely ‘switched’ (pun entirely intended) as 2017 kicked off. It kicks the firmware up to version 5.5.2 and is required in order to access the e Shop.To put it into perspective, this is the first Wii U system update since January 11th, 2016. Nintendo’s patch notes are as standard and vague as ever, simply stating that the update: It’s become quite obvious that these vague “stability improvement” updates are just a sly way of saying “We found a security exploit and now it’s gone.Some of the features that were announced back in September at the Wii U event in NYC will be available sometime soon.This wouldn’t have been such a body blow if Nintendo hadn’t essentially hidden this fact from everyone until the last possible minute.