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27 Sep

The Liverpool organisation can lay claim to a story of continuous innovation and success, not only in the home market but world-wide.

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And to people who work and have worked at what was known as the Strowger Works in Liverpool, the name has an even more special meaning.Within two years the primitive shed had been replaced by a two-storey brick building which became known, somewhat inevitably for the time, as the 'Mill' and which was used by the company to celebrate the occasion of Queen Victoria's golden jubilee with a special dance organised by the intrepid Mr Slater Lewis.One year later, in 1888, when it was realised that the company's fortunes were declining, Mr Slater Lewis was replaced by Mr Alfred Whalley, an energetic and enterprising man who held the title of Engineer and Manager.Long before Strowger Works was built at its present site in Edge Lane records show that the first beginnings of Liverpool's telecommunications industry can be traced to two brothers by the names of J. Crosland Taylor, who founded a small company in Helsby, Cheshire with the grand title of the Telegraph Manufacturing Company.The two brothers commenced business in 1884 using a small shed to produce batteries and gutta-percha insulated cables under the control of a gentleman called Slater Lewis whose only previous management experience had been to organise the Cheshire Agricultural Shows.