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19 Aug

In 2010 is die kerk geregistreër met die Liefdadigheids Kommissie in Nieu-Seeland met die naam UNITY APOSTLES CHURCH OF NEW ZEALAND.Ander OAK lidmate het die besluit om na die Apostoliese kerk van Queensland as die moeder gemeente terug te keer vir sorg, ondersteun.Brother Theo and Sister Lynnro van der Nest, in due course visited the Apostolic Church of Queensland in 2008 on the invitation of Evangelist John Weder and also attended its 125th celebration at Hattonvale in Queensland.In late 2008, the van der Nest family decided to approach Apostle Cliff Flor for Apostolic care.

The feeling of these members was that as Apostle H. Niemeyer from the Apostolic Church of Queensland initially sent Evangelist (later Apostle) C. Klibbe to Africa in 1889 to bring the message of the re-established Apostle ministry there, that there was a historical connection between the Churches that warranted a closer relationship.The prayer of the Apostolic Church is thus to bring all to the Grace of Jesus Christ, to reconcile a people again to God, and to be led in Childlike faith by the Holy Ghost to be prepared as a bride at His return in power and glory which is near at hand.Hamilton (Waikato Region) : Afrikaans and English: Priest Ludwig Horn In Hamilton, there is an arrangement between the Apostolic Church and the Anglican Parish of St David's to share facilities and worship.Telephone: (07) 855 0220 Telephone answering facility: (07) 824 6942 Responsible Apostle: Apostle Cliff Flor-Apostolic Church of Queensland Responsible Officers: District – Elder P. It was established in 2008 in Aotearoa-New Zealand.It was as a consequence when members from the Old Apostolic Church of Africa that emigrated to Aotearoa New Zealand and who established the Hamilton Community of the New Zealand branch of the Old Apostolic Church in 2002, could not be accommodated by the Old Apostolic Church of New Zealand, due to doctrinal, theological and magisterial differences.