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21 Apr

Sookie is mostly focused on her passion – her work at the Inn and spends her free time with Lorelai, and coming up with new and exciting recipes.

Sookie's competitive streak with Luke is first seen when both cater food to the wake of Babette and Morey's cat Cinnamon.

She shares this surprise with Lorelai and in her miscommunication with Jackson, inadvertently involves Lorelai in their fight – which Sookie manages to explain eventually.

She and Lorelai also decide they want to purchase the Dragonfly Inn, but as Fran won't sell their plans are halted.

Fran unexpectedly passes away and Sookie and Lorelai manage to put in the first bid to secure it.

However, their plans are once again halted when Rory doesn't qualify for financial aid, but Rory won't stand in the way of her mother's dreams and asks her grandparents to pay for Yale.

Sookie plans a beautiful town celebration for Lorelai and Max' engagement.

After being reeled back in by Lorelai, Sookie realizs that everything's become too grand and crazy, and that she just wants a simple wedding with the man she loves.

The season concludes with Sookie and Jackson's beautiful wedding, held in the gardens of the Independence Inn.

As Sookie and Jackson begin married life, Sookie is overwhelmed by Jackson announcing he wants 4 children in four years.

He left in 1963 after five seasons when a blood clot was discovered in his brain.

Surgery successfully corrected the problem and Smith was able to resume performing, but in 1965, Smith was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, which causes extreme weakness. Having finalized his divorce from his first wife, Australian actress Victoria Shaw, Smith was dating Ann-Margret.