Quotes on validating others

22 Aug

(heart)(bow)(heart) LOVE YOU ALL 7.18.17- late evning, posted 7.19.17 early morning- “All who may inquire about Randall, sharing a conversation that took place in another Skype room where Alex and Valerie share their experiences with yesterday’s events.

I was in this room at the start but very quickly felt an overwhelming need to laydown and read the rest this morning.

This morning, they left and Heather intuited a different path to take for their walk to the Whitehouse – which took them just past the US Treasury Dept.

As they began to approach the Whitehouse – and many tourists were present – Secret Service began ‘roping off’ and pushing the tourists back to expand the area being ‘roped off’.

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[7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: Asking for grace, as we are new to the formal protocols…

Local police came in with guns, several helicopters were flying above and Navy personnel quickly moved to the area being ‘secured’.

Television crews showed up on the ‘scene’ and it was not certain the particular ‘reason’ for this action – although it appears it may be someone was being brought to the Whitehouse.

” 7.20.17 via skype relayed by – lisa shannon Good Morning Everyone (sun) Quick update from Heather – just now: Heather’s flight was delayed yesterday and she took a later flight.

Alex and Val drove to DC and they all 3 met up in D. and decided to get a room and go to the Whitehouse this morning.