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14 May

This may not have been the most unsurprising consequence of what happened that night, but she certainly did not expect her husband to do what he did.

My wife and I had known each other for about 5 years, together for about 3 or 4.

Then they told me if I truly loved her I’d forgive her and accept the child. They told me to be strong and go be with her as she needed me more than ever, to comfort her.

Love is being with your partner through all ups and downs, they said.

It’s been a few years since then and let me tell you we are happily married with a beautiful baby girl who’s all ready to attend her first day of kindergarten.

My daughter is my best friend, and my wife and I have never loved each other as much as we do today.

I went to the church, sat there for a long time asking God for help.

An old couple noticed me and approached me asking what’s wrong?

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But I wasn’t sure if that’s the right thing to do, or if I should just stay in this marriage.They said that they know it would be difficult for me, but they seemed sure the two of us would be a wonderful couple and great parents to the little one.Somewhere in my heart I started to ponder on the advice this beautiful couple gave me and I suddenly felt a sense of inner peace.We made plans for marriage a while ago, and everything fell into place according to plan. She met my family, they loved her, things were going great.Well, less than a month before we got married, we found out she was pregnant. We were using condoms, but whatever, it happens, there could have been a few times where we just did the pullout method instead.