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30 Jun

With its dedicated focus on local event opportunities for singles, One2One is set to become the world's most comprehensive selection of local entertainment content for singles - the only central and most definitive place delivering highly personalized content and recommendations to its users.

About One2One Living Corp (LOVI) One2One Living Corp is an emerging media and technology company focused in the core areas of online dating, search, social applications and content development.

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Singles however are skipping out on going to events and places like movies, concerts, museums and sporting events because of the hesitation to do these and many other things alone.

Over 75% of our clients approach DDM because our competent, approachable matchmaking team have already found long term relationships for their friends and relatives.One2One's flagship media property One2is a social community that connects singles to each other and the things that they care about.It is a dynamic environment for single men and women to discover, create, and share experiences, events and activities.There's only one expectation - to have good clean fun.People tend to hit it off immediately in that kind of relaxing situation.