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18 Sep

In the two decades in between, Vensel worked full-time corporate jobs.

But he was laid off in 2010, on the eve of his graduation from his night-school law program.

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Within a decade, contractors and freelancers could make up half of the American workforce.

While the building has had a facelift, Shetterly says, “it is a factory in that we work to drive efficiency and discipline into every mouse click.” The division is a kind of processing center, using artificial intelligence tools and cheaper lawyers to speed up the handling of routine tasks, such as sorting and tagging documents.

That frees other lawyers to focus on more high-end work.

“So, like my father, he’s in the hospital right now which is like five minutes away, and I’m getting updates on my phone,” he explains, glancing at the device.

“And if I need to be there, I can be there in five minutes.” He says contract work is today’s economic reality.