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01 Sep

It’s also possible that when we adopt this body pose, we “increase our date’s comfort level and tendency to respond positively toward us, which could increase our attraction,” Parker told .

Similarly, the researchers conducted a second experiment to test whether these nonverbal cues were successful in an online dating setting.

After each date, participants would rate their date and indicate whether they would like to see the person again.

They found an open, expansive nonverbal pose expressed during the date significantly predicted the odds of getting a "yes" response.

It seems men are finding these traits desirable in a potential mate as well.

This adds to the scientific literature of the effects of positive body language on perceived attractiveness.

This prompted Vacharkulksemsuk and her colleagues to observe whether open, expansive postures would lead to more "yeses" when it comes to meeting for a second date in speed and online dating situations.

In the first experiment, researchers analyzed nonverbal body language interactions, along with nonverbal cues of affiliation (e.g, smiles, laughs, head nods) among 144 female-male speed-dates which lasted 4 minutes.

For example, the online dating app user could think “I like this certain quality in someone and I want to partake in that, such as physical resources, like money, and social resources, like being part of a dense social network.

They launched 12 profiles, half of men and half of women, in a dating application showing the individuals posed in both expansive and contractive stances (e.g., arms folded, looking away, looking down).

The number of "yes" responses were received for each profile type per a 48-hour period with each profile having the potential of getting up to 250 "yes" responses over the period.

We also are less likely to trust those whose hands are not held in a position that we can see.

Subtle, but powerful nonverbal cues in modern, fast-paced dating situations are something we can control.