Failed updating etrust vet engine

29 Jun

sometime today e Trust v7.0.7.7 failed to auto-update - it seems to be a problem on their end, as I can't access some of their ftp sites either, and at least one other person has also had an update problem ... and it won't run an on-demand scan either, so I effectively have no A/V ... it just so happens I'm up for renewal in less than 2 months, and it's not looking good for CA ...

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I rebooted and that cleared the "disabled" warning and just left the Question Mark telling me updates failed.

That worked fine for about a few hours but now it has just said it's disabled again (and it really isn't). In my task manager I have and Vet I think that's all of them. I got the same error message at first as posted above, about failing to update.