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21 Aug

Ellen Page (born Ellen Philpotts-Page, 21.2.1987) Ellen Page is a Canadian actress.She rose to fame with the release of Juno, for which she earned herself Golden Globe and Academy Award Best Actress nominations.Ellen Page studied at the Halifax Grammar School and then at Shambhala School, from which she graduated in 2005.

Jamie's far from convinced that it's a good idea but hears out her plan anyway.Continue reading: Ellen Page Has Married Her Dancing Queen Emma Portner A remake of the 1990 thriller, Flatliners stars Ellen Page as a medical school student who gets her friends to participate in an experiment exploring what happens after death. The actress says that she took the role because her character, Courtney, is a complex psychological mess."She's a woman with profound pain, grief, remorse and regret," Page says.Courtney's obsessed with finding out what happens to humans after we die and she's convinced that she'll be able to track it using some high spec medical equipment able to document brain activity.Reluctantly Jamie accepts Courtney's proposal and they begin their experiment.