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23 Feb

KALISPELL- A 24-year-old Kalispell man is being evaluated for mental health after stabbing himself in the neck during a traffic stop.

A release from Sheriff Chuck Curry says that at 9 AM this morning, a deputy pulled over a driver on Highway 2 in Evergreen.

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Six years ago a 7,000-strong mob went berserk at the opening of a new furniture warehouse in Edmonton.

Five people were taken to hospital, including a woman who was stabbed in a fight over a cut-price sofa.

The most frightening side-effect of the new ‘softly, softly’ policing approach is that the control of such estates has been surrendered to lawless gangs led by the likes of Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked the peaceful demonstration which escalated into mob violence.

It would be premature to prejudge the outcome of the official inquiry into the shooting, but it is worth pointing out that it involved officers who work out of a specialist unit at Scotland Yard, not the local nick at Tottenham.