The bixby liquidating trust

05 Jun

It was in this hospital that he died on March 21, 1985. Included are correspondence, financial records, technical reports, historical material, including typescripts for two books on the Days, photographs, certificates and plaques, and other material. The first of these, Youth and Education, contains letters, receipts, certificates, photographs, pamphlets, early papers, and mementos concerning his childhood and his life as a student at the Newman School, the University of California, and Harvard Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences, and also material relating to a European vacation in 1923.As the dates indicate, some of this material originally belonged to Henry's father, but was kept by Henry in his files for reference. Course notes and a draft of his senior thesis also form part of this subseries.The following is an Oklahoma Bankruptcy Checklist of items that we will ask you to bring along:-------------------------------------------To discuss your concerns regarding foreclosure, debt liquidation, or debt repayment plans, contact our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys.

At that time he began a program of consolidation which culminated twenty years later with the creation of Day Mines, Inc., in 1947.Henry gradually streamlined the family operation, bringing it into the modern business community.For example, while consolidating the existing mining companies he branched out into gold mining in northern California in the thirties (a venture which did not pan out particularly well).Tulsa, OK Bankruptcy Lawyer Upon making an appointment with your Tulsa bankruptcy lawyer, Greggory T.Colpitts at The Colpitts Law Firm, you will need to bring a number of documents along with a list of your assets and debts.