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25 Jul

It was a collaborative passion swell that made us open it up and think about it again, like, could we figure out a way to make this make sense? Genre fans get very excited and noisy about things and we love that.” Greenblatt’s statement – veracity notwithstanding – may have been designed to stem the notion that any show can, somehow, be magically resurrected with hashtags and petitions.However, Greenblatt will probably agree that just about any genre television show thrives when it has a fanbase as passionate as Timeless’s, rather than one that’s disengaged.As Greenblatt further explains: “We loved the show.

We’re going to go deeper into the history, and Lucy is going to have to deal with the fact that her mom is a super baddie. Season 1 Lucy, things were happening to her, ‘Oh my gosh, time machines! Since the cancellation initially caused a passionate surge of social media backlash from the show's fans, it would be understandable to consider this revival a rare success story for grassroots campaigning. At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt testified to contrary, stating of Timeless’s initial cancellation: “What I say to fans when they come out in droves when we cancel a show, is, ‘Where were you when we had the show on the air, helping us to build ratings?

NBC had canceled the show after ratings failed to impress, but fan and critical acclaim, which seemed ready to buoy the faltering show to a renewal, exploded on social media in response to the cancellation.

Despite an underwhelming 4.6 million viewership and 1.1 share average, the fan support for this show became evident on social media as being shared between NBC and Sony, the initial decision to cancel wasn't entirely surprising.

In their visit to the global conflict contemporaneously dubbed “The War to End All Wars,” the series will introduce a new recurring character in American soldier Nicholas Keynes, played by Michael Brady (Un REAL, Jane the Virgin, Intelligence).

Injured in battle, Keynes encounters Lucy’s mother Carol (Susanna Thompson) – revealed in the Season 1 finale as a high-ranking member of the sinister cabal, Rittenhouse – and off-reservation former Lifeboat pilot Carol (Annie Wersching).