Dating a blue mason jars

01 May

John Mason was a tinsmith in New York and perfected a machine that would cut threads into the lids, creating a jar with a reusable, screw-on lid.This process was easier and more reliable than the tin lid and wax method.

They also incorporated aspects from two 1903 patents held by another inventor, Julius Landsberger: a metal lid with a permanently attached gasket. The lid sealed on the top of a Mason jar; a threaded metal ring held the lid down during the hot water processing.The cracking was a common problem with shoulder seal jars.Hazel-Atlas Glass Company were in business from the late 1800s until 1964.Antique Mason jars are sought by collectors, and are bought and sold not only through antique stores, but also on auction sites such as e Bay.The value of a jar is related to its color, embossing, closure, age, rarity, design, size and condition.