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05 Feb

l'Cie in stasis are thus not truly dead, are said to dream, and can still be restored to normal under certain conditions.Fulfilling one's given Focus is not the only way for a l'Cie to enter crystal stasis; it can also be be done via the l'Cie's own strength of will. L'Cie appeared in Final Fantasy XV when it was still being developed as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.These individuals, known as l'Cie, are marked with indelible brands.

They appear in all the core Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy titles, playing key roles in their plots and backstories.

During the War of Transgression, a number of warriors were made into l'Cie to engage the forces of Pulse alongside the Sanctum fal'Cie.

Since that time, there is no record of a Cocoon fal'Cie taking a human as a l'Cie.

Have you ever paused to consider our reason for making l'Cie of men? When a fal'Cie chooses a l'Cie the selected is metaphysically sent to a rift between worlds where the branding is performed by the fal'Cie's creator.

We fal'Cie are crafted for a single purpose and granted finite power to that end. Men dream, aspire, and through indomitable force of will achieve the impossible. In the case of the Final Fantasy XIII main cast, they are branded by the god Pulse.